seat wedge

Designed by ergonomists the simplify studywedge is a forward sloping ergonomic wedge that encourages better posture for seated activities.


The ergonomic studywedge is designed for improved sitting or additional back support.
The wedge can be used to enhance the comfort of existing chairs and car seats or used on the floor to sit on, kneel on or as a foot rest.
Available in either black, blue or red.

Versatile, washable, flexible moulded polyurethane slim wedge.

£18.00 each (inc VAT)

*** ONLY BLACK in stock at the moment ***


Why studywedge?

What’s different about the studywedge compared with others is it’s compact size. By remaining slim it can be used with any chair without feeling you’re slipping forward....

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Spending too long in front of the computer or television combined with a lack of exercise is contributing to complaints of increased back discomfort for both young and old....

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Download our product guide PDF for further information. Studywedge is designed and manufactured in the UK.

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